While I am not Meredith Brooks, I am a lot of other things: a researcher, a philosopher, a computer scientist, an entrepreneur, a founder of a think tank, an interview partner for journalists, a consultant and expert, a blogger, a fiancé, a cat owner…

But let’s better start the canonical way: I’m a doctoral researcher at Saarland University in computer science (at group for Dependable Systems and Software) and philosophy (the chair of Practical Philosophy).

My research interests in philosophy concern issues in moral and political philosophy, normative ethics, decision & game theory, and questions of computer ethics. In computer science, my research interests concern issues in machine ethics, machine explainability and explainable AI (XAI). Find some of my publications on Google Scholar.

I am currently the project manager of and a researcher at the project Explainable Intelligent Systems at Saarland University, funded by Volkswagen Stiftung.

Together with Holger Hermanns and Sarah Sterz, I brought to life the award-winning lecture series Ethics for Nerds (more information here). Besides that, I thaught some courses in normative ethics and computer ethics, not only at Saarland Unversity, but also at the Berlin University of Arts („UdK Berlin“).

Soon I became the official expert contact person for journalists of my university for everything where philosophy meets computer science. (Interested in my expertise? Contact me via mail or twitter.) Accordingly, I had some media appearances and gave quite some public talks (cf. my CV). Since February 2019, I am part and vice-chair of the Committee for Ethics in Security-Relevant Research („Kommission für die Ethik sicherheitsrelevanter Forschung“) of our university and permanent member as an expert for the Commission of Inquiry „Digitalization in the Saarland“ („Enquêtekommission Digitalisierung im Saarland“).

The rising number of requests regarding consulting and cooperation from politics and public agents nudged me and some people from education, the law, psychology, politics and philosophy with similar profiles and interests to the founding of a highly interdisciplinary think tank for good digitization, Algoright e.V., that understands itself as an organizational interface between science and society in general, which offers consulting, workshops (for instance, I recently trained teachers together with my colleague Robert Reick on fake news, deepfakes, the filter bubble, echo chambers, the technological fundaments, philosophical and psychological backgrounds, and societal effects), and develops research projects that involve science and make science communication necessary.

( Image by Universität des Saarlandes/Oliver Dietze)